Grow, Cook, Preserve

Cook your own food.  To keep yourself and your family healthy you need to take control of your food.  Cook at home instead of eating out.  This is one change in your lifestyle that can improve your health immensely.  Tips: Take one day of the week to shop and prep your food for the week.  Make up a week of menus, go shopping once and have everything on hand to prepare the meals.  Save money at the grocery store by shopping off your list only. Limit the number of times per week your family is allowed to eat out.

Grow your own food.  Organic food was the original food, now it is the alternative choice and can be expensive.  We are all aware by now that chemicals in our food are harmful to our health, whoever thought it was a good idea to grow our food in poison???  You can have a large garden or grow your food in containers on a patio, balcony, flower box, or parking strip. You can grow food in your flower garden and around trees. Your yard doesn’t have to look like a farm if that isn’t your thing. There are beautiful edible landscaping designs that don’t look like a veggie garden.  If you can’t grow all of the food you need shop at the farmers markets and buy local organic food.

Preserve your own food.  Our ancestors preserved food as  matter of life and death.  Their death would come from a lack of food, ours will come from additives, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO, etc. Preserving the food you grow will guaranty the quality of your food in winter months. Tips: You can dehydrate, freeze, can or freeze dry food.  Shopping sales and storing extra food and water will come in handy during storms or any other crises that may arise.  Most folks live pay check to pay check and the loss of a job can be devastating to the budget.  Having food storage can be very helpful for you, a family member or neighbor in need.

Who Has the Time?

Maybe the idea of gardening and/or home cooking doesn’t really appeal to you or you think you don’t have the time or space for it. There are many excuses you could come up with but there are more reasons why you should. Tips: Make a list of changes you want to make i.e. make a menu plan for the week, make lunches the night before, buy organic, limit the number of times per week you eat out, choose healthier restaurants, order healthier  meals, plant a garden, buy a dehydrator, prepackage fruits and veggies in zip lock bags for morning smoothies, etc.. Start working on your list little by little until you have made the lifestyle changes you desire. Small changes over time will be lasting changes.

Keep it Simple

Our fast paced, instant gratification, convenience oriented lifestyles are compromising our health and happiness.  Working outdoors, playing in the dirt, breathing fresh air, working up a sweat and watching your garden grow is very therapeutic and enjoyable. Serving simple home cooked meals is loving and gratifying, not to mention smells wonderful. Planning and preparing healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks will give your family stronger ties and a stronger immune system. Keep it simple, fruits and vegetables, whole foods and raw as much as possible. Having a food storage gives you a peace of mind and sense of accomplishment.

Our Ancestors 

We are alive today because our ancestors were self sufficient and lived simple lives.  Our modern lifestyle is far removed from the way humans have lived on earth since the beginning of time and it isn’t serving us well. We have the same bodies our ancestors had, time hasn’t changed that. I always ask my clients “What would your choices be if you had to live off of the land as nature intended it to be?” That is where you will find the answers to many of your health and nutrition questions. Science will never know more than Nature.

You have the power to heal yourself, it is your birthright. And it is my mission to help you learn the many ways available to you.