Overcoming Self-Doubt

Volume I

Whether you are walking down the Goddess path for the first time, or you are already enjoying a sacred relationship with your Divine Feminine self, you will learn to eliminate self-doubt, find and fulfill your personal calling, and ultimately your inner happiness. You will be fearless and never feel you have to bow down to anyone or feel second rate to anyone again.

We each have our own divine purpose and specialness which we need to find and contribute to the betterment of the world.

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Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Volume II

Unleashing Your Inner Goddess is about understanding and acknowledging that her divinity exists. Your Inner Goddess is the purest form of you. She is everything love and never concerns herself with trivial things. She’s been around for a LONG time, and knows the ways of the Universe. She also knows why you’re here! She is your Divine spark.

We often make the mistake of thinking our history begins with our birth in this life and that our memories extend only from the moment of our birth. Our physical body is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to who we are and what makes us, us. We have memories and knowledge from our life before this one.

Your Inner Goddess is your soul, your true essence, who always wants the best for you. She’s the part of you who truly remembers who you were before you came to this world.

Extreme Feminine Self-Care

Volume III

Put health and self-care at the heart of everything and you will enjoy endless benefits from the time you spend here on Mother Earth.

Extreme self-care is taking care of your body, mind, heart and spirit.

It is about loving yourself and others.

It is about doing things you enjoy and standing up for things you think are right and serving others.

Extreme self-care is living a purposeful life and standing in your divine femininity.

We need to relearn what our ancient ancestors knew about spending time in nature and using plants for food and medicine.

Ancient wisdom and natural medicine is our pathway to vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Self-Reliance In A Changing World

Volume IV

Divine Feminine self-reliance is more than being self-sufficient. It means not clinging to people. It means not making life harder for others than it already is. For the most part, it’s an attitude, and it’s one that will serve you well no matter the circumstances in which you find yourself. 

You probably know someone who lives on their own terms, with an independent attitude and a determination to take care of their own needs. They are accountable for themselves. The shift to taking responsibility for our lives is vital to transforming our life into one of Divine Feminine self-reliance.

No matter what challenges we face we must learn to save ourselves. Do not wait for someone else to come along (the proverbial white knight). Do not buy into the old story that someone else can take better care of you than you can. Your Divine Feminine Power is all about being self-reliant. 

When we think of self-reliance, sometimes we think of everything being on our shoulders. That’s not the case. Being self-reliant and independent doesn’t mean you have to be alone, it is being responsible for your life and taking the led when it comes to planning, making decisions, and taking action. It’s about you taking the initiative and making certain things get done in a manner that is in your best interest. 

This book will encourage and teach you to embrace a more self-reliant Divine Feminine mindset, one small step at a time in many areas of your life. Your Divine Feminine energy, power, and intelligence to do so, is your wise soul’s gift to yourself and the planet.