I’m Marilyn Pabon

I’m here to inspire women and give them permission to be who they are, believe in their divinity, and be self-reliant. No woman should be stuck in a life that isn’t her own dream.

About Me

I have a keen insight and understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of being a woman. I’ve spent over 20 years studying and practicing holistic nutrition, energy healing and all things related to natural wellness. I’ve always been a spiritual seeker, very intuitive, and have the gift of a very thin veil between this world and the spirit world.

My Vision

Contribute to the awakening as to the divinity of women and the ancient divine feminine who began the world and how their energy has returned to the earth to bring balance and health to the world.

My Mission

Empower women to find the path back to their souls and their divinity by guiding them toward self-love and inner transformation.

My Goal

Teach women their divine history, who they really are, their specialness, how to love themselves, have self-confidence, carry themselves like a goddess, care for their physical temples and be self-reliant.

My Work

The world needs you to remember your divinity. The divine feminine is sacred and loving. There is no need to be afraid or put off when your hear reference to the divine feminine. This is not sorcery or anti-male or anti-God in any way. This is a loving, compassionate and creative force which exists in us all.

My Blog

You have the power to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it is your birthright. And it is my mission to help you learn the many ways available to you.

Divine Self-Reliance

Divine Self-Reliance

  Self-reliance and self-respect are the necessary keys most unhappy women need to grasp the concept of, while taking full responsibility and control over their own lives. Self-reliance doesn't mean being alone and carrying the weight of the world on your...

Apologize Like A Goddess

Apologize Like A Goddess

Many people have difficulty apologizing. You may know someone who never apologizes. Reasons why people don’t apologize are they aren’t really concerned about the other person or apologizing threatens their self-image, or they believe that an apology won’t do any good...

Go To The Water

Go To The Water

Find yourself near water as often as possible. Go to rushing rivers, bubbling streams, tumbling water falls, ocean waves, ponds, trickling fountains, swimming pools, hot springs and luxurious relaxing baths. Soak in the healing negative ions and enjoy the peaceful...


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