Insure Health vs Health Insurance

The definition of insure is; making certain or inevitable of an outcome.  The definition of insurance is; arrange for compensation in the event of damage or loss. Our society is programed to buy health insurance as if that will insure our health, when in fact the medical system and health insurance is all about sick care. We know this but feel trapped by the system to do anything else. If you aren’t pro-medical, friends and family act as though you are a heretic or irresponsible.  They are just afraid and uninformed. We have great emergency, life saving medicine. I am not anti-doctor or anti-health insurance, but this is not where your real health lies.

Change Your Thinking

We have the power to take back our own health care but it requires us to be proactive and preventative.  Our bodies are made to heal and repair themselves and they can if we just do our part to allow them to do their job. You can’t eat cheap fake food and expect to give your body the nourishment it requires.  You can’t eat off the dollar menu and expect to look like a million bucks. You can’t burn the candle at both ends and expect your body to survive the stress you cause it to endure. You can’t hate your body and tell it negative things and expect it to respond positively for you. This lack of love and care for your body will cause you to need health insurance just to keep you out of the poor house because of medical bills. The sick care you will receive will get you better enough to keep you out of the coffin but it will not give you good health. Only you can do that by changing your thinking, habits and lifestyle.

The Life of a Cell

Your body is made up of cells.  Every cell has a predetermined life span to do a unique job and then to replace itself with a new cell to carry on. As the new cell is being made it can only be as good as the nourishment that surrounds it. If you have the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plentiful fluids etc. you will produce a healthy new cell, possibly even better than the cell it is replacing. On the other hand if you are lacking nutrients the cell needs it will be inferior to the old cell it is replacing. This is why after not seeing someone for a few years they can look older, the same or much better than the last time you saw them.

Your skin replaces itself every 28-35 days, your liver about every 5 months and your bones every 7-10 years. This is how the body heals and repairs or goes down hill into fast aging and sickness.

If you have a sick fish do you take it to the vet for medication or do you change the dirty water the fish is swimming in and feed it good quality food?  If your cells are swimming in dirty water doesn’t it make more sense to hydrate with the best water possible, eat the best foods and nutritional supplements possible rather than to go to the doctor for medication?  Like any medication can take the place of proper nutrition!  Good clean food does not have negative side affects.  Medications all have negative side affects as their commercials will tell you. They may help in one way but will surely be harmful in another.

It’s What You Aren’t Doing

Weather you are currently ill, aging too quickly, depressed or just feeling tired, your cells need your attention.  You can make better, healthier, more energized new cells; thereby becoming healthier, younger, happier and more energized. Sounds good but how do you do it?  Sometimes it isn’t so much what you ARE doing but what you ARE NOT doing that causes poor health. Maybe you aren’t drinking enough filtered water or eating enough real whole food or not being active enough. Maybe you aren’t eating enough or sleeping enough.  Maybe you don’t spend enough time for yourself and your happiness.  Maybe you never quiet your mind of all the chatter and self talk. Maybe you don’t slow down and relax enough. Maybe you don’t eat healthy enough and you don’t take vitamins or nutritional supplements to boost your immune system.

  1. Firstly we need to drink enough good water so our blood is thin and not sticky and sluggish as it moves through our bodies.  We need enough fluid for our cells to swim in and do their thing. Our brains need water to think clearly, stay sharp and have better recall. Many times dehydration is the cause of our health problems. You can go much longer without food than you can go without water.
  2. Secondly we need to eat as much real food as we can. Real food is still recognizable from the way it grew on the plant or the source it originally came from. Juicing and smoothies are a good addition to our daily regime, sometimes easier and faster than eating the big salad.
  3. Thirdly we need to take nutritional supplements to make up for our imperfect eating habits and the depleted nutrients in our modern grown food. My view on taking good whole-food vitamins and minerals is;  just in case I am not getting everything I need from my food, it is better to possibly take more than I need and eliminate the excess than to be lacking anything my cells need to keep me healthy and happy.  Uneducated non-believers say you are just paying for expensive urine and wasting your money.  Well that would only be true if I ate perfectly and the quality of food I ate was perfect, which we know neither is possible, or if I purchased cheap synthesized vitamins which the body can’t absorb.
  4. Fourthly we need to stop sitting so much and get more active, doing whatever it is we enjoy.
  5. Fifth we need to relax more, quiet our minds and rest our bodies.  This may be done by getting proper sleep, taking naps or meditation or another practice that forces us to slow down.
  6. Sixth we need more self love. Not the selfish kind but the kind of love that allows us to take care of ourselves and our needs first not last.  The kind that is grateful for our lives, our bodies, our blessings and our loved ones. This is your journey, your time on earth and your opportunity to write your story. If you don’t take care of yourself and love yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.

Insure your health by being proactive, preventative and take control over your choices. It may seem to cost more and take more time but not nearly as much as the alternative.  Don’t let our fast paced modern world rob you of many happy healthy years to come.

You have the power to heal yourself, it is your birthright. And it is my mission to help you learn the many ways available to you.