Go To The Water

Find yourself near water as often as possible. Go to rushing rivers, bubbling streams, tumbling water falls, ocean waves, ponds, trickling fountains, swimming pools, hot springs and luxurious relaxing baths. Soak in the healing negative ions and enjoy the peaceful connection to divine feminine water.

Water is a feminine element. Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic and loving element. Water is a living and spiritual matter, working as a mediator between humans and the gods. Water often represents the boarder between this world and the other. Water increasingly changes shapes and transforms itself. Beings and things are born of the water. Water, consequently, becomes a symbol of fertility that can be found in all the myths and all the religions.

Ancient women knew how to create miracle concoctions and powerful potions, including seductive elixirs using water.

Water was the first magic on earth, before plants, rocks, and stones, the first source of medicne was water. The American Indians had a saying about any ailment, “take it to the water”. Water is healing, transforming and sensitive.

With the exceptions of a few places on earth such as the pacific ocean and hot springs, water in nature is cold. Our ancestors played, swam and bathed in cold water. Scientific evidence now shows, what our ancestors knew, cold water is healing and therapeutic.

When we swim it is water that supports us, when we are thirsty, it is water that quenches our thirst and gives life. Water is life. Or bodies are 65% water. Mother Earth is covered with 65% water. The moon moves the water on the earth.

Our inner divinity recognizes that we are profoundly intertwined with nature, its mysteries and miracles. Mother Nature is the ultimate divine energy, by spending more time with her you will instantly connect with her energy. Release all your thoughts and worries into nature and you will see she will care for you and heal you.