Man is the Sickest Animal on Earth

“Disease” is a nasty word used by the medical community. We are made to believe that there are thousands of different diseases, but the truth of the matter is that our body is manifesting symptoms of toxicity, acidosis and mucus creating the biggest concerns.

A disease “symptom” is nothing else than the accumulation of poison and waste matter which has collected within our body. Not that we haven’t been warned for years by headaches, migraines, pain, obesity, and brain fog before we are diagnosed with a “disease”.

Most diseases are due to improper eating habits, acidic foods, animal protein overconsumption and commercially-processed foods of modern times. Of course, there are many secondary symptoms like inflammation, yeast, mold and parasite-infections, but they all have a central cause- wrong eating habits!We can’t forget that everything we put into our stomach has to be digested. Even a healthy stomach can only digest a certain amount of food. Anything beyond this amount is poison, and if it can’t be eliminated properly and timely, it will become waste matter and toxic causing:

  • Toxicity
  • Over-acidity – Acidosis
  • Mucus

The discomforts of “diseases” are nothing but symptoms of detoxification. Our body’s sole goal is to keep us clean by eliminating waste.

The Root Cause of Disease

Man is the sickest animal on earth; no other animal has violated the laws of eating as much as man; no other animal eats as wrongly as man“. Professor  Arnold  Ehret

  • We often pick the foods we crave or are convenient, rather than taking the time to prepare meals and snacks that are GOOD for us
  • We over-eat
  • We don’t periodically fast to give our bodies a break
  • We eat when we are sick
  • We eat too fast and don’t chew properly
  • We eat too many different kinds of food at the same time
  • We eat dead devitalized food
  • We eat “food” that isn’t really food , but rather toxic ingredients made in factory’s advertised as food
  • We don’t eat enough fresh raw food
  • We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables
  • We don’t drink enough good water to stay properly hydrated
  • We eat too much sugar

We enjoy a wide variety of foods in North America, but choice isn’t always the best when it comes to maintaining good health. When we choose poorly and create more waste in the body than it can easily eliminate we create toxicity, acidity and an abundance of mucus. Naming a symptom a disease, pills and operations can’t fix poor food choices, which is the cause of most health problems and will continue to be the cause until we improve our wrong eating habits.

Eat Real Food

It is a common belief of Naturopaths, backed by science, that disease begins in the gut. What we put in our gut matters. The animal kingdom knows this. Man will never be smarter than nature or make better food than nature. You are natural living being, you need natural living food and good water to feed and heal your body.  We have to abide by the laws of nature for optimal health and well being.

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” is sound advise. If you eat food direct from nature you don’t have to worry about calories, trans fat or saturated fat or salt. If you focus on real food, nutrients tend to take care of themselves. If you eat more fiber, less sugar and real food, as it grows in nature, you will give your body what it needs to balance itself and your weight will balance out as well. It is a natural lifestyle change not a temporary diet.

Eat real food. Take a close look at your food choices.  Ask yourself:

  • Did people eat this 100 years ago?
  • Did they eat this much?
  • Am I still hungry or eating for taste?
  • If I had to live off of the land, out in nature, would this be available?
  • Is this honest, nutritious real food?
  • Was this made in a factory or in nature?
  • If I can’t pronounce the ingredients, should I eat it?

Good nutrition is not about low-fat or low-calorie or convenience.  It is real whole food that your body recognizes as food and can easily digest and eliminate without creating toxicity, acidity or mucus.

You have the power to heal yourself, it is your birthright. And it is my mission to help you learn the many ways available to you.